Our Coolest iPhone 8 Cases for October

The simplest accessory to our everyday technology is our most necessary. Adorning your new iPhone 8 with the coolest, or even the cutest phone cover is an extension of your personality. Your iPhone cover is a “show and tell” to the world.

Aloha iPhone 8 Case

With summer vacation drawing to a close and the days of responsibility get closer, eliminate the school/work year dread. Now, warm beaches in the sun won’t seem so far away with this islander iPhone 8 case. Dive into the MILKYWAY with Aloha, the essential cute iPhone 8 cover for beach bums everywhere. Complete with traditional Hawaiian flowers on a sleek clear TPU case cover. This cute phone cover will have you continuing your summer vacation long into the winter months, never skipping a fashionista beat.

Pooping Unicorn Rainbow

You know you've wanted the infamous Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino and now expect this unicorn case to be your new colorful addiction. The cutest iPhone 8 cover on the market is "pooping" its personality everywhere...literally. This cute iPhone 8 case will certainly not be your number two (pun certainly intended). Don't expect to make it out of Target without a compliment here or there. Now all things unicorn will match your iPhone 8 cover.

Fries Before Guys

Join the carb revelation-No carb left behind that is! The one thing we like to be salty is now one of the coolest iPhone 8 cases on the market. Protect your diet and your new iPhone! With two styles: a transparent or white background, these fries will always stay fresh to order. Let's face it, guys come and go, and fries have always been there for you. Don't deny yourself; have that one more fry.

Best Friends Pizza

Whoever said pizza and friends don't mix? No one, because no one needs that kind of negativity in their life. So have your friendship and your pizza too, with this cool iPhone 8 case fresh out of the oven. You finally have an answer to the question, what's better than DiGiorno; Best Friends Pizza phone cover. On your own, you're half the pie, but together you're the whole meal, just like when these two phone cases sit next to each other.

White Henna Lotus Garden

Most elegant iPhone 8 cover simply is not enough to describe the design of the White Henna Lotus Garden case. Femininity combined with class and elegance finished in hand-drawn flowers with a free-form, flowing lines. Traditional floral designs may come and go out of style, but this cover, whew, this case is indeed timeless. The white etching within the flowers is easily distinguishable against the transparent clear case cover, enhancing every smooth curve on your new iPhone 8.

Soft Shell Taco

MILKYWAY hit the spot, or perhaps the savory in this case with their food line of cool iPhone 8 covers. First came the best friend loving pizza cases, and now here comes the Mexican food enthusiasts. Why not have Taco Tuesday every day with this devilishly yummy looking case? Keep spirits high during the week with your iPhone 8 cover as an excellent reminder of what you look forward to on a weekly basis.

Cup of Noodles

Let’s face it; college is hard. If it teaches us anything, it's beer pong is considered a sport, attending class is optional, C's get degrees, and it's essential to have a cool iPhone 8 cover. MILKYWAY's Cup of Noodle's iPhone case gets it, they under the nutritional sacrifice. Ramen is not just an affordable staple, but a right of passage. Are you truly a college student if you haven't lived off of three square ramen meals a day? Since this is usually the case, adding this cool iPhone 8 case is a must. The cover understands the struggle to keep fed, never any judgment here.

Guac Life

"Hey, I know 'guac' is extra!". Why does Chipotle even still remind us? The public is very aware it's extra, but guess what, we're still getting it. Don't miss out on this cool iPhone 8 cover who understands how much you deserve ‘guac’ in your life. With a transparent background, avocado is center stage for this 'Guac Life' case. Next time you're at Chipotle, roll up ready with this bright, vibrant case.

Colored Mandala

Gone are the days of boring, dull, and lifeless cases. Presenting one of the cutest iPhone 8 cases of them all. Colored Mandala cover by MILKYWAY looks like something out of a wonderfully beautiful technicolor dream. Free-forming, winding lines, give elegance and grace, to this stunning half circle design. With the transparent, clear cover allows the design to have body as it appears to wrap around your iPhone 8. Plus, with the choice of eloquent colors in flattering shades, this cute iPhone 8 cover will match any mood, outfit, and style.

Henna The Gypsy (Sun and Moon)

Constantly being on our phones, it gets hectic. Thus, rarely do we get to find a cute iPhone 8 case such as this blissfully calming Henna the Gyspsy (Sun and Moon) case. With warm colors, the sun and moon dance together harmoniously on this clear iPhone 8 cover. With the cover's rich color palette and transparent background, the design pairs flawlessly with any iPhone 8 color you choose. Treat yourself to the case that wants to slow down as much as you do in this bustling life.